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Selection, recruitment and retention are the primary functions of a crew manning operation.

At Stargate Crewing, we have a three-fold method of making the right recruitment decision on behalf of our clients every time. Firstly, we understand your company culture, what you stand for and the core values that underpin your day-to-day operations. Second, we know the trends in the industry and the particular challenges facing your business. Finally, we know the candidates who best fit your requirements.

Nobody knows the Romanian crew supply market as thoroughly as Stargate. We are uniquely placed to help you attract the best talent for your fleet, especially middle and top-level officers, because our recruiters come from within the industry and combine mature recruitment expertise with extensive insider knowledge of the professional fraternity from which they recruit. All applications are put through an approval process of screening, interviews, background checks, peer recommendations, selection, and briefing in order to bring them into the company pool and put them on stand-by for future openings.

Stargate has a smart database management system that allows clients to quickly requisition crew familiar with their vessels, operations, policies and procedures. Our crew database is fully GDPR compliant and only includes candidates whose track record, professional qualifications and sea-going experience have been cross-checked with past employers, government agencies and training centers to ensure authenticity. Our centralized crew management system offers efficiency, cost savings and faster personnel deployment. We have a well-integrated and secure IT system for all crew data, making it possible to track crew safety records, identify crew training needs in time, and make informed decisions when selecting appropriate candidates for an available position.

Stargate has built an elaborate performance appraisal and competency mapping grid to help match seafarer abilities with the company requirements. Appraisals are based on employer feedback and our own assessment based on personnel competency, job performance, certifications, experience, service record, attitude and reputation. Individual crew appraisals are regularly updated to ensure our crew members are ready to go on duty well before the actual selection. All crew members are certified as per the requirements of IMO, STCW and other regulatory agencies.

Since the human element is so critical to today’s shipping economy, Stargate goes to considerable lengths to ensure that we bring the best people to our clients and that our clients are satisfied with the people who operate their ships. We remain reliable and bankable partners for all our clients and the preferred agency of choice in one of the largest crew sourcing markets in Europe.

MLC 2006 Undertaking: Equal remuneration for work of equal value should apply to all seafarers employed on the same ship without discrimination based upon race, colour, sex, religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin.

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