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Stargate Crewing

    Stargate Crewing runs a unique placement program across different marine sectors for maritime college graduates in Romania. Every year we convince our clients to make available a certain number of cadetship positions on their vessels exclusively for meritorious and exceptional candidates from Romania with the view to eventually inducting them into the seafaring corps of the company. Over the years, Stargate has supported hundreds (perhaps even thousands) of aspiring seafarers to enter a highly exciting and rewarding profession, gradually work their way up the scale and become exceptional professionals and industry leaders. With our emphasis on professionalism, and our commitment to building and maintaining a talent pool of young officers, we have delivered unparalleled advantages to our clients and shown them the way to sustainable human resource policies.

At the same time, it is this reputation that brings a steady stream of students every year to our office to launch a rich and rewarding career and receive all the support they need to gain the necessary seafaring experience and find a stable opening with a reputable company. We aim to provide the best growth opportunities to officer cadets who wish to forge a successful career in the shipping industry. Our cadets know that there is growing competition for available openings on sea and only the most committed candidate are going to make a career in this profession. Under its Cadet Program, Stargate inducts only those applicants who have the knowledge and aptitude to become first class officers, dedicated to their mission and loyal to their company’s objectives. We proudly offer candidates of a higher caliber who are prepared to make a lifelong commitment to a career in seafaring.

Cadets are our most valuable resource. We consider it our responsibility to nurture our cadets and nudge them in the right professional track. We mentor them from the moment they get inducted in one of principals and advise them throughout their initial years of sailing. Ask any of our seasoned officers and they will tell you that they belong to the Stargate family because we take in officers at the budding stage of their career and help them become seasoned professional who can eventually serve their employer with complete dedication and inspire younger generations of officers. We are a close-knit family and we treat our cadets just as a family would nurture its young ones. Are you ready for a career that offers a highly rewarding opportunity to become a global citizen?

Cadet Applications

If as a student or graduate of the maritime academies in Constanta, you wish to join our Cadet Program, please apply directly to our Crewing Department at the details given below. We require you to fill up cadetship application form and submit these along with a passport size photo and necessary papers. You must have the necessary academic qualifications and certificates for applying to the specific officer cadetship openings. Cadet applicants must have good health and not suffer from any medical condition that could risk their lives, the lives of others on board or the ship’s equipment. Applicants are also advised to take a medical examination and sight test prior to applying with us in order to determine if they suffer from any prohibitive medical condition. Applicants must also not have any police record in their name.

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