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      Stargate Crewing has a large portfolio of clients and is constantly looking for new officers and ratings who want to build a successful sea-going career with a reputable company. Besides having clean track record and enthusiasm for hard work, applicants must be thorough professionals with uncompromising integrity, total dedication to maritime safety and sensitivity towards the marine ecosystem. Obviously, this means we are looking for candidates with high net professional worth, people who stand out from the crowd and are recognized by their peers as exceptional. Our people are performers, and we are proud of each and every one of them. New applicants interested in joining the Stargate crew pool will be working with and competing against with very high calibre seafarers to make a place for themselves.

We are committed to growing our crew pool and brining in new members with a high level of competency. We achieve this through a life-long learning programme, but we also look for officers who are investing in their future through regular upskilling, and personal development. Our experience in the manning sector makes it possible to assess the immediate and future needs of the market and create solutions based on the skills pool of our people. Stargate not only provides job placement support to our crew but also in-house training to help our seafarers achieve their career goals. If this interests you, we are open 24/7 to help you find your fleet. 


  • Applications are only considered if all applicable fields are filled in. Before submitting an application, it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided by him/her is true, accurate and complete. Incorrect or falsified information provided to us I liable for outright rejection of an applicant without exception.
  • Applicants are required to provide a valid e-mail address and contact phone numbers for future communications. Keep your attachments to a minimum and please do not send in scanned copies of certificates or documents unless we specifically ask for it.
  • We receive a large number of applications every day. While we would like to respond to every one of them, it is physically impossible. Usually we will contact you within 2-3 days if you are applying against an existing job opening, or 2-3 weeks if submitting your resume for our records. Occasionally, it may take longer than that. In such an event, you may contact our Crew Relations department (information below) over telephone and set up an appointment to discuss your candidacy.
  • We do not guarantee employment to each and every applicant. But we will keep you in the reckoning and match your resume with new openings and get in touch with you. We advise all applicants to keep in touch with our Crew Department and update their resume as and when new information is available.
  • As a matter of policy, we advertise new job openings on all major electronic job boards in Romania, but we also maintain that you double check with information on our website to be sure you have the correct information. Moreover, applicants are required to make themselves available for interview at short notice at our office after the have submitted their application.
  • To apply, please submit your application electronically, through email or fax, using the format given in our Application Forms (see above). Before submitting your application, make sure you have read the preceding disclaimer and fully agreed with it. We assume every application swent to u comes with an approval of the terms of the disclaimer.
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